Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We are all born superstars

We are all born superstars

Let me tell you what “Born This Way” means from a queer Marxist perspective, that is, from the perspective of a Voodoo Queen of the San Joaquin and formerly Strawberry-currently Seattle Socialite (suki suki, muthafucka).  This song is not a biological explanation of human sexuality, a superstructural expression of the hegemonic liberal ideology on the origins, functions, and integration of sexuality into capitalism.  It’s a pop song.  It’s got a nice beat and you can dance to it. 

I love Madonna.  But Madonna never had a song that you could sing while engaged in a political protest.  (the soundtrack of Evita doesn’t count)  Everything about Lady Gaga screams fake, artificial, put on, for show and this will inspire a whole new generation of young drag queens who have neither the time nor the interest in queer liberation through appointment making.   Essentialism versus constructionism?  Please, that's so 1990s.  The most overtly artificial, the most “in face” performer today, famous for her music as well as her Madonna-like self-recreations, just gave us a song called “Born This Way”. 

What’s that noise?  It’s the sound of the bells tolling for the old camp.  

It died somewhere on the road between Priscilla and Milk, near Barstow.

Is this a new camp?  Is this queer protest music? 

This is the kind of song that needs to be marched to down the middle of a downtown metropolis like Cairo, Tripoli, Tunis, Madison or Seattle.  March like you’re on stage cuz you are.

Imagine yourself performing this number on stage at your corner dive bar.  What kind of attitude would you need to pull this off?  Wake up.  Take the makeup off.  Keep the attitude.  Take it to your State Capitol.

What’s that sound?  It’s the sound of divas past checking the new girl out.

Yesterday we lobbied for our rights.  Today we put on face and gear up for battle.

What's that sound?  It's the sound of tomorrow's revolutionaries being born this way.

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