Sunday, November 28, 2010

Faith-Based Politics

Many progressives rightly criticize the notion of faith-based politics in this country.  We rightly oppose the imposition of any particular faith on others.  We quietly (or not so quietly) laugh at those who force reality to conform to unconfirmable beliefs.  But can't the same criticism be levelled against those who support the Democrats?  What about their "faith" in Obama and the Democratic Party as a means for change?  Don't we rearrange or distort facts to comply with our "faith" in the Democrats?  One example:  Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  A Democrat is responsible for this noxious policy.  Democrats have the power to put to an end to it and have had two years to end it.  But they've chosen not to.  Now, as the spin goes, we blame the Republicans.  Isn't this distorting facts to conform to faith?

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